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Make a Change, Become a Poll Worker!

published on: October 7, 2022


You’ve most likely heard of or experienced good voting experiences – and maybe some bad ones. While many factors go into your time at the polls, one of the most important and most quintessential parts of the experience is poll workers!

Poll workers are a vital part of our democracy, but the country is currently experiencing a critical shortage of poll workers. This will mean longer lines, delayed results, or even closure of polling sites altogether.

With less than five weeks until Election Day, we need your help: election administrators need more poll workers to help at polling places this election season.

What does a poll worker do?

As a poll worker, you get paid to help make sure the election is fair, efficient, safe, and accessible for all voters. Poll workers support early voting locations, ensure technology functions, and help minimize long lines and delays at polling places.

How to become a poll worker:

Becoming a poll worker is easy, and we have partnered with Power to the Polls to make signing up even easier! Visit, fill out your information, and you will be contacted with next steps. The earlier you submit your application, the more likely you are to get selected!

Becoming a poll worker is a great way to make a change that creates a fair democracy in your community. We hope you sign up to be a poll worker, and bring a friend!

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