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FCVEF works with policymakers around the state to enact strong conservation laws.

From the halls of the Capitol in Tallahassee to district offices statewide, FCVEF engages with policymakers to develop and pass strong laws that protect our environment and communities. We educate policymakers about how their legislation impacts our natural areas, water, climate, community members, and rights of all Floridians. Through our briefing book, Gems report, legislative report, and other policy reports, we establish clear guidance on how to be a conservation leader. We develop the trust of elected officials and partners and hold lawmakers accountable for their votes.

Protection of our environment and community requires strong policies. These include stopping pollution at the source; conserving water and land; making a just transition to clean, renewable energy; preventing the causes and mitigating the effects of climate change; and ensuring democratic rights for everyone. We know that budgets reflect our values, which is why FCVEF advocates for investments in water and land conservation, programs that clean and protect our water, clean energy sources, and policies that promote smart growth and development.

FCVEF staff meets with policymakers throughout the year and especially during committee weeks and legislative sessions to write and pass good environmental legislation. FCVEF organizes regular communication with conservation organizations and facilitates the development and printing of the briefing book, with input from experts around the state. We aim to be the trusted source on policies and budgets that best protect our environment and ensure healthy communities for everyone.